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Site Specific Safety Planning - pre-start document


A Site Specific Safety Plan is a communication tool between subcontractors and main contractors. When used correctly, it ensures that relevant site information is regularly updated and safety is monitored. A Site Specific Safety Plan should be completed prior to commencement of work onsite.

A comprehensive plan has been developed and can be downloaded for easy use.

We've also provided an example of a Task Analysis worksheet - an easy to complete tool that you can incorporate into your daily hazard management routine.

To create a management plan to suit your individual needs Site Safe members can receive consultancy advice from one of our regional Safety, Health & Environmental Advisors.

Another option is by booking a seat on the Advanced Passport Course. This training course provides all possible training required to complete a Site Specific Safety Plan. Click here to read more about booking a seat on an Advanced Passport Course


Site Specific Safety Plan pdf version
Site Specific Safety Plan word version
Task Analysis word version

Contact Site Safe's Communications Manager Lauren Prestney at if you have any queries, ideas or comments in regards to improvements to be made to the SSSP master document.