Rahim Harjee

Rahim Harjee


Safety Advisor

P: 021 356 898

E: rharjee@sitesafe.org.nz

Rahim has been working in the New Zealand Electrical field for over 17 years. He started as an electrical apprentice, became a registered Electrician and carried on being a registered Electrical Inspector. He has extensive experience with PTEs and Polytechnic’s training young adults through to experienced professionals. He has expertise in delivery, facilitation, leadership and managing people. Furthermore, he had been running his electrical business for 9 years, where he has managed and supervised multiple workers and trainees.

His experience and knowledge in the NZ domestic, commercial and industrial work sites including construction sites is what Rahim can bring along and add value to the company. Rahim can apply a wealth of practical electrical experience as an Electrician, Electrical Engineer, Electrical Inspector, Trainer and Assessor relating to 17 years in the industry.  

Rahim is passionate about making difference in his own and trainees’ life by gaining and imparting knowledge. Upskilling and up-training on a regular basis keeps the mind active, which help to enhance professionalism.

Specific Expertise

  • Electrical and site inspections for customers, council and insurance companies.
  • Business management and development, staff and workers support and growth.
  • Tutor, trainer, marker, and mentor for learners
  • Health and safety, support, education, and advice
  • Managing academic delivery and public speaking
  • Quality assurance: review, moderation and evaluation of courses and learning material
  • Course and curriculum development


  • New Zealand Certificate in Workplace Health and Safety Practice
  • Level 5 National Certificate in Adult Education and Training
  • Level 5 National Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Advance Trade)
  • Registered Electrician           
  • Registered Electrical Inspector 
  • Bachelor’s in Commerce 
  • Certified Assessor