Terms of Reference

Terms of reference for the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Forum


The purpose of the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Forum is to lift the performance of health and safety in the construction industry by promoting safe working practices during the post-earthquake rebuild of Canterbury. The Forum was established to develop and share best practice in health and safety management across the industry.


The following organisations will be invited to have representatives on the Forum. The representatives should include a mix of health and safety and operations expertise and should have the authority to represent their company or organisation and make decisions on their behalf:

Construction Companies Government Agencies Other Interested Parties
  • Arrow International
  • Dominion Constructors
  • Fletcher Construction
  • Fulton Hogan
  • Hawkins Construction
  • Naylor Love
  • Southbase Construction
  • Stream
  • ACC
  • EQC
  • MBIE
  • CECC
  • CPIT
  • Site Safe
  • Southern Response
  • Safe Rebuild Canterbury

Chairperson and Executive

The Chairperson shall be elected from one of the construction companies on an annual basis, with a maximum two year term. The Chairperson shall form an Executive to meet from time to time as determined by the Chairperson. The Executive has the responsibility to make decisions when the Forum is unable to meet and shall fully disclose those decisions to the Forum.

The Executive shall consist of the Chairperson and six others with representation as follows:

  • Construction Companies - 4
  • Government Agencies - 2
  • Other Interested Parties - 1

Alternative Representation

Another representative from the same organisation may attend where the original representative is unable to attend. The other representative must be nominated prior to the meeting and be kept up to speed with the work of the group and the issues it is addressing thereby being able to make a contribution to the group and be able to make decisions in the context of the meeting on behalf of their organisation.

Participation From Non-Forum Members

Non-Forum members shall be invited to present to or participate in the Forum from time to time by invitation from the Chairperson.


  • Champion the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter
  • Provide advice to the Charter Steering Group/Working Groups
  • Design, develop and distribute targeted improvement initiatives to industry
  • Share safety information across the industry

Meeting Agenda

  • Apologies
  • Approval of previous meeting minutes
  • Update on actions from previous meetings
  • Review safety data
  • Charter update
  • New items
  • General business
  • Confirm next meeting


A minimum of 10 Forum Members is required for a quorum.

Operating Procedures

Meetings and Duration

  • Meetings to be held fortnightly at the Madras training room at the Westpac HUB, Addington.
  • Meeting shall be scheduled for two hours commencing at 0930 on Mondays or as otherwise scheduled.

Communication Amongst Members

  • Preferred communication is face to face at the meeting, otherwise via email.

Decision Making

  • Majority of 75% required.

Resolving Disagreements

  • Try to resolve any disagreements at the meeting.
  • Refer any disagreements to the Executive for resolution.
  • The Chairperson shall have the casting vote.


  • Meetings will be minuted and actions time bound.
  • Working Groups will be set up for initiatives and at least one member of the Executive will be involved in each working group.

Ground Rules

  • Chatham House rules participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.
  • Everyone participates and will have the opportunity to express their view.
  • Different opinions are welcome listen and show respect.
  • Do not get unnecessarily distracted, keep relevant and to the issue at hand.
  • Those assigned actions are expected to use best endeavours to carry them out.

Key Success Measures

  • Consistent, timely delivery of relevant industry improvement initiatives.
  • Sustained industry performance across all elements of the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter.
  • Successful communication of safety matters by acting as a conduit between Industry and relevant groups.

Administrative Responsibilities


  • Scheduling meetings, approving the agenda and notifying invitees.
  • Chairing the meeting according to the agenda and time.
  • Ensuring discussion items result in a recorded decision or action.
  • Review and approve draft minutes prior to distribution.


  • Prepares and sends out the papers for the meeting.
  • Records and drafts meeting minutes for approval.