Site Safe Level 2 & 4 plan

Our Auckland is closed at Alert Level 4.  

The rest of New Zealand is at Alert Level 2.

All Site Safe offices outside of Auckland are open and face-to-face training and services available. While under Alert Level 2, we'll continue to put safety measures in place. 

Wearing of masks
We require all learners to always wear a face mask when entering our facilities and in the classroom. Site Safe will have small number of face masks available.

Participating in the course
Learners should maintain 1 metre of physical distancing from others on the course where possible.

Hygiene protocols
Learners will be required to sanitise hands prior to entering the training facility, training room, and other times as requested by the trainer. It is also expected that learners follow Ministry of Health recommendations for hygiene.

requirements
We require all learners to scan the COVID QR when entering the premises or provide their written contact details.

Provision of drinks/food
Drinks and food will not be provided at any courses of 4 hours and less while operating under COVID-19 protocols. Learners are able to bring their own drinks/snacks to courses should they feel the need. Water will be available at the water stations where learners must ensure they maintain physical distancing.

Learners on one- and two-days courses will be provided individually packed lunches.

What to do if displaying flu-like symptoms or generally feeling unwell
Do not come! If a learner becomes unwell during the course they will be sent home immediately, and health authorities notified.

If learners arrive unwell, we’ll send you home. We’re happy to rebook you onto a future course at no extra cost.  

We’ll be following further guidance for education providers by the Ministry of Education, NZQA and TEC once they become available.