Site Safe Level 1 Plan

The Delivery of our services returns to normal. That means normal class sizes will resume as physical distancing is no longer required. In addition, we have put the following measures in place:

  • Contact Tracing – at all training venues (including at other learning institutions or organisations’ sites).    
    For learners this means completing the enrolment form that includes a COVID declaration and sufficient information for contact tracing.   
  • Good hygiene practices - including hand sanitisation before entering and re-entering training rooms and promotion of good hand washing practices.
  • Learners are to stay home if they are unwell and leave the course if they become unwell. 
  • Catering – for morning/afternoon teas and lunches 
    • Lunches will be provided for one and two-day  courses 
    • Water and hot drinks (tea/coffee) will be provided for all courses 
    • Learners may bring their own food/drinks should they choose 
    • Contact courses (Height and Harness Safety, Fall Arrest Systems, Registered Electrical Workers, First Aid in Construction Safety) will be back to normal. 

Any learners in breach of requirements will be refused entry to the training facility and asked to leave.