We are working together with 15 representatives from across the vertical and civil construction sectors to oversee the revision of its key Foundation Passport courses. The Industry Steering Group and Subject Matter Experts have identified the following milestones:

Project milestone items



  • Forming Industry Steering Group
  • Formulate key questions for Industry Steering Group to decide on


  • Key Decisions made by Industry Steering Group
  • Project Scope Finalised
  • Subject Matter Experts group formed
  • Scoping session with Subject Matter Experts


  • Storyboarding for face-to-face and online learning - Building Construction Passport & Civil, Passport Handbook
  • Review and sign off on face-to-face and online design - Building Construction Passport & Civil, Passport Handbook 
  • Build face-to-face and online course -Building Construction Passport and Civil, Passport Handbook
  • Review fixes and ready for launch
  • Trials, Testing, Course Familiarisation session(s)