A big year, big issues

14 Feb 2020

Site Safe chief executive Brett Murray has done a video outlining some of the challenges and the wins  in 2019 and what Site Safe is up to in a number of areas for this year.

 Brett Murray


Key points are:

  • Site Safe has moved on from being seen purely as a safety training organisation to initiating projects such as the research into suicide in NZ to establish its credentials as an industry leader.
  • Site Safe now has a seat on the board of Construction Health and Safety NZ (CHASNZ).
  • A revamp of the Site Safe audit service will be rolled out in 2020.
  • The :”why” of Site Safe is helping companies get their people home safely at the end of every day.
  • Raising Site Safe’s media profile allows it to be able to speak with authority on behalf of the industry.
  • The new Dunedin office and the upgraded Hamilton office are a commitment to continually boosting training across New Zealand.  
  • The revised Site-Specific Safety Plan is a good example of working with industry groups on a safety product that is now seen as belonging to industry.
  • A change to the Site Safe constitution allows it to broaden its focus beyond construction into areas such as facilities management.
  • The SiteWise prequalification system continues to grow and expand.
  • Site Safe’s strength is its people and its close links with industry as a non-profit training organisation.
  • Site Safe is refreshing a number of courses to ensure that they are relevant and useful.
  • The sector has been consulted at all levels about what they want from foundational training and how they want courses delivered to trainees.
  • One of Site Safe’s main functions is to give companies assurance that they are managing their safety risks properly via training, audits and consulting.
  • Key deliverables for the year include a review of the audit service and improving the user experience for Site Safe’s customers.
  • Direct funding from the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) will allow Site Safe to add value to courses, make construction more attractive by making it safer, and help bring in more Pasifika, Maori and women, among others, into Site Safe’s Safety Certificate programme.
  • The Evening of Celebration for 2019 was a major success with the winners of the mental health awards bringing the audience to its feet.

 Final Thoughts

  • Adam Still has joined Site Safe as the national business development manager and head of the marketing and communications team.
  • Maire Murray is the new projects manager for Site Safe to ensure all its projects hit all their key dates.
  • 2020 will be a year of good challenges and building relationships with key players.