Site Safe 2022 Award Finalists Announced

16 Sep 2021

Site Safe are excited to announce the finalists for the Construction Health, Safety and Wellbeing Awards. Congratulations to the following companies, and good luck!


Site Safe is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2022 Construction Health, Safety and Wellbeing awards.

These annual awards were created to promote health, safety and wellbeing in construction by giving national recognition to those making a real difference.

The annual awards acknowledge people, sites and businesses that are demonstrating excellence in the areas of leadership, innovation, and contribution in New Zealand’s construction sector. 

This year the judges were particularly impressed with the calibre and maturity of all entries that were received. 

And while there was plenty of robust discussion about the entries, they managed to reach a consensus on the finalists.

The judges congratulate all the applicants and wish them best of luck.

The winners will be announced, and awards will be presented at the awards ceremony. More information on the awards is available here.

The finalists are:

Safety Innovation Award Small to Medium Business (Small to medium organisation up to 50 employees)

Goom Landscapes Ltd

After recognising several gaps in key Health & Safety areas within the company and the team’s knowledge, and also feeling frustrated that the Engage App wasn't being used by the staff on the ground, their H&S Manager came up with a concept - a 28-day Safety Challenge.

Major Consulting Group Ltd

This company developed a board game to engage people in learning about the health and safety legislation in a fun environment. Called Don't Lose Your Head: Play AS-Best-Os You Can, they had the game professionally designed for impact.

Judges special mention

Safety 1st Removals Ltd

Safety 1st Removals has adopted the Tapa Wha Model into their overall strategy for health and safety. The Tapa Wha Model looks at the company and employees as a house with four main poles holding it up. These are:

  • Taha Wairua (Spiritual)
  • Taha Tinana (Physical)
  • Taha Hinengaro (Mental)
  • Taha Whanau (Family).

Safety Innovation Award Large Business (Large organisations over 50 employees)


This company worked with management and staff to redesign the waratah in collaboration with their supplier that resulted in a product that Piritahi is rolling out on all their sites, and their supplier, Cirtex will be promoting it in their product line with the aim to reduce waratah incidents.

Capital Journey

in recognising of risk and hazards while working on improving the Rimutaka Hill road, Capital Journeys engaged in active discussions with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to implement a strategy that involves routine road closures at night between 9pm and 4am while we carry out the maintenance. As a result of this strategy being embraced by major stakeholders and put into practice, the were proud to have staff work in a safer environment while vastly improving road conditions for the safety of road users.

Fletcher Construction

Fletcher design, development and rolled out a Back to Work Programme that uses non-traditional methods to inform and engage their workforce in nine newly introduced Life Saving Rules. The programme focused on the mindset and the "why" needed to have ownership of the rules and was designed to be presented in an interactive, fun, and engaging way considering the geographical spread of, and diverse workforce within, their operations.  

Safety Leadership Award (Small, medium or large business) 


Hawkins is leading the way to promote mental health and wellbeing on their sites with five accredited sites now across Auckland. Hawkins is working towards to creating an environment that better supports good mental health. Through the MATES programme – they focus on the opening of communication channels, changing on-site culture and improving knowledge of what can be done to prevent suicide in New Zealand’s construction industry.

TopMark Electrical

This company developed from having virtually no health and safety in the business through to the comprehensive and innovative approach they take today. There's a funny twist with the unlikely partnership of an electrician and a dance teacher who have sparked the interest of the whole team

Brian Perry Civil

The Waikato50 project was an ambitious goal to establish the infrastructure to distribute an additional 50 million litres of water per day from the Waikato River within a 1-year period, while sustaining a safe and collaborative site. The strong leadership demonstrated achieved tremendous project outcomes for Waikato50. Despite the tight timeframe and numerous health and safety considerations, the project was delivered on time, budget and with an exceptional safety record.

Safety Contribution Award (Individual or small team)

Rabo Construct Limited

Rabo Construction nominated Kate Bull who developed and led several health and safety initiatives for both their local franchise and the national G.J. Gardner group.

Kates biggest achievement is implementing a mental health and wellbeing programme in 2020 and then seeing this roll out nationally with GJ Gardners signing up as a foundation partner with MATES in Construction.

The Roofing Specialist Limited

This company nominated Tracey Dunkin for significantly improving the health and safety management system, culture, and attitudes at The Roofing Specialists. Tracey’s gentle and calm approach to health & safety management has resulted in improved wellbeing for staff at all levels.

Pipeline & Civil Ltd

Steve Jenkins at Pipeline & Civil has made a big impact to their company. Steve has influenced, mentored, and demonstrated excellent leadership through all levels of the business. He has been instrumental in the improvement our HSQE practices and policies with a strong focus on incident prevention. 

The Kalmar Mental Health and Wellbeing Award (Company, organisation, team or individual)

Dunlop Builders

Dunlop has taken every step to ensure the wellbeing of their team and identify and deal with issues as they arise. They have a holistic view of health and wellbeing and integrate it into everything they do.

Accent Construction Interiors Ltd

Accent's team worked hard building strong communication channels between the site teams using walkie talkies and Friday Fun BBQ's as well as going through cultural training to ensure that respect and understanding were held very high as our core values for their project.

PFS Tiling Limited 

‘My Health and Well-Being Package’ is an initiative worked on with the team’s collaboration. PFS Tiling value their ‘family’ and now have a ‘Health and Well-Being package’ designed specifically for their employees.