Boost your investigation skills

11 Apr 2019

A new course from Site Safe will give businesses and organisations a greater in-depth view of accident and incident investigations.

 Chief Executive Brett Murray says the Accident Investigation and Prevention Course, which kicks off in May, is a one-day course for staff involved in their company’s investigation process.

 “The course is designed to improve an organisation’s accident and incident investigation strategy and techniques, its overall health and safety performance and to encourage a learning culture,” he says.

 As well as looking into the causes of accidents, the course gives participants the tools to take part in the accident and incident investigation process. “They will learn to recognise the concept of multiple causes of accident, root cause analysis and they’ll learn how to run an accident investigation.”

 Assessment will be on-course and through a take-home assignment.

 Once learners have successfully completed the course they will receive a gold coloured Site Safety Card/Passport, seven credits towards the Health and Safety in Construction programme, eight licensed building practitioner points and Unit Standard 17601 – produce an occupational health and safety incident investigation.

 For more information phone 0800 748 372 (Site Safe) or go here.