Get to know your Safety Advisors

05 Mar 2021

Caitlin Robertson, Safety Advisor for Marlborough, Nelson/Tasman and the West Coast, shines some light on her role with Site Safe, and talks about working with her region.

Q: When did you join Site Safe?

I joined Site Safe in February 2020. I had applied for the role in October 2019, however I was still residing in Perth, Western Australia. I literally got off the plane in Christchurch, had my interview, and was offered the job later that day as we drove to our new beginning living in Tasman. 

Q: What is your geographic area and how many clients do you have?

I look after Marlborough, Nelson/Tasman and the West Coast.  We currently have 180 members, with 35 new members since this time last year in this region, which is great to see.  Since joining Site Safe, my focus has been connecting with the people of my region. This is my community! I consider myself just as much a representative to Site Safe for my region, as I do an advisor to my region for Site Safe. 

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

No two days are the same! Supporting the region mostly on my own allows me to get my teeth stuck into such a wide variety of work. I have never had such diverse work within one role before. One day I could be completing training, the next day deliver a presentation on a specific topic, drop in on a member’s site, then complete a site review in the afternoon. 

Q: What do you enjoy about your role with Site Safe?

Connecting with my wider community and helping people gives me so much job satisfaction. Everyone has differing challenges depending on their company, site, role, size of organisation or business delivery focus. I am forever learning on-the-go and love it when people see value and purpose, or achieve what they intended to do with our support. 

Q: What are some of the challenges that you face?

Being new to the New Zealand and the region, and with no full time Safety Advisor in this region before me, it has been an interesting road to navigate. The construction industry in New Zealand has tripled in size in six short years – crazy growth! – and the health and safety legislation landscape has changed within the same timeframe. It is a challenging dynamic and is evident with the growing mental health challenges our industry faces. Site Safe is continually improving on our services and products to support the industry. It’s great to be able to help my region navigate through these challenges with our products and service offerings. 

Q: Any parting words?

As our industry continues to change and grow, so do both Site Safe and myself. Your feedback is important to enable us to get our job done well, so reach out if you want to have a chat about how we can do things better. If you’re lucky enough to be involved in construction in this beautiful part of New Zealand, I’ll probably see you on-site! 

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