Making it easier for SiteWise applicants

29 Apr 2019

Paulus Romijm presenting to camera

A series of how-to videos have been shot to make it easier for contractors and firms going through the SiteWise pre-qualification process.

The SiteWise prequalification platform was set up in Canterbury in the wake of the earthquake rebuild in 2012 and is used to grade a contractor’s health and safety capability. The results can be accessed by main contractors and principal organisations who are signed up to use SiteWise

Manager Nigel Palmer says SiteWise, and third party prequalifications in general, are becoming more popular as principal contractors need a better understanding of the level of health and safety knowledge and capability their subcontractors have.

Depending on how well they score in their assessment, SiteWise applicants get a grading of red (0-49 per cent), orange (50-74 per cent) or green (75-100 per cent). They will also receive suggestions from assessors about how to improve their score if required. SiteWise workshops are also provided around the country if extra help and support is needed.

Nigel says the 13 help videos should make it easier for contractors as the videos answer the most commonly asked questions. They also provide improved clarity about the questions being asked and the evidence required.

“The main benefit is that people can watch each short video and find out more about the question and what evidence assessors are looking for.

“This will enable them to understand the relevance of the question and maximise their results,” he says.

“The videos include examples of what good documentation looks like so people can pause the video and check that their own paperwork matches up.

“While this is only prequalification, we want to make the experience as productive and useful as possible.

“A big part of going through prequalification on SiteWise is to help people improve their health and safety systems and their understanding of their responsibilities under The Health and Safety at Work Act, no matter what industry they work in.”

The videos have been made by Upper Hutt’s The Way Studios and are fronted by broadcaster and media trainer Paulus Romijn, pictured above.

The videos will be released early June and will be available be at: