Site Safe hybrid vehicles en route

02 Nov 2022

Hybrid fleet 1.jpeg
Keep your eyes peeled for our new, sleek Site Safe hybrid vehicles that will soon be distributed across the country.

Eight Kia Niros and six Toyota RAV4s have been purchased. The Niros have already received their vibrant Site Safe decals (showcasing our brands, products and services) and are set to hit the streets in the coming weeks. The RAV4s are due to arrive early next year.  

These two vehicle types were chosen as they provide flexibility for our fleet and the different situations and conditions our Safety Advisory team operate in. They each give enough room to carry equipment and the capability to travel large distances while being fuel-efficient and having modern safety features.

The shift to hybrid vehicles also reflects Site Safe’s commitment to the protection of the environment and actively promoting the efficient and sustainable use of technology as touched on in our environmental policy.

Hybrid fleet 2.jpeg