New ACC Funding for SMEs

25 Jan 2019

The recent announcement of a $22 million ACC incentive programme to help small to medium-sized businesses reduce workplace injuries is welcome news, says Site Safe Chief Executive Brett Murray.

“The creation of the new five-year incentive programme recognises the high, sometimes prohibitive, costs faced by many of the SMEs who are eager to improve health and safety in their businesses.

“In an industry like construction, investing in health and safety can be expensive, and many SMEs struggle to find the funds to invest in best practice controls and systems. And although we have made some real gains in health and safety in construction, injuries in our sector still account for a large number of ACC’s severe injury claims.”

"These new subsidies support investment in areas which we believe are vital to reducing injuries in the workplace - and it’s good to see that the Minister, Iain Lees-Galloway, recognises the need to target the five key sectors with the greatest injury rates. Targeting those sectors which have a high proportion of SMEs, which includes construction, means that the funding is being used in the areas of greatest need.”

“We welcome the fund as great news for all the Kiwi businesses in high-risk sectors who want to do their best to keep their workers safe."