Site Safe’s Health and Safety Kit is going digital

30 May 2024

Site Safe is committed to continually improving its digital offerings to meet the evolving needs of the industry. As such, we are moving our Health and Safety Kit to a digital format within the SiteSmart app, effective 6 June 2024.

This digital platform provides you and your team with access to the most recent health and safety forms and templates, available anytime, anywhere.

The SiteSmart app goes beyond simply offering digital versions of the traditional kit. It delivers a comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify health and safety management onsite. With the SiteSmart app you can:

  • manage your business health and safety records
  • set-up sites to manage and communicate safety at your workplaces
  • workers and contractors can participate is safety initiatives
  • and more...

Please note that the current Health and Safety Kit page on our website will be removed and all forms and templates will be moved into SiteSmart. To explore the SiteSmart features, the app will be available from 6 June. Watch our website for details.