SiteRight - It's the right fit for you

19 Apr 2022

Site Safe is excited to announce the rebrand of Site Safe Reviews to SiteRight - an enhanced take on site reviews. 

SiteRight is designed to provide your business with the assurance that the right health and safety practices are in place.

SiteRight reviews, which some often refer to as audits, will continue to be delivered by safety advisors across New Zealand and powered by the ecoPortal platform.

Site Safe worked with the industry to deliver improvements that will best meet their needs.

This includes providing clients with their own online user-friendly and personalised dashboard to find and manage all their review information, an improved set of review questions, accurate benchmarking of your performance against both your other projects as well as similar projects undertaken by other companies. Safety Improvement reports are included for follow up and documenting close out of corrective actions. 

Woolworth’s New Zealand has been receiving reviews for about seven years.

Head of construction, Rob Jones, said he was “glad” the advisors auditing safety was overseeing projects and providing a “fresh set of eyes”.

"I don't want to hear just the good news you know I want to hear the bad news, but I have been seeing reports recently of a couple of jobs that have been coming in at 65 per cent opposed to 90 so I'm glad to see that when it is actually a low score that [way] we can address it.”

SiteRight was a “useful” tool and having external reviewers viewing live construction projects provided “comfort” to both himself and the health and safety department, Jones said.

It also helped Woolworths with “raising awareness of safety” and with reaching their goals of zero harm in the workplace, he said.

“They’ve got this external sort of independent audit happening on a monthly basis which I think it … just keeps [health and safety] front of mind for the live construction project and all those supervisors [involved]."

Users also benefit from a scoring structure which highlights any concerning observations relating to high-risk activities whilst at the same time knowing that they will have been made safe whilst the auditor remained on-site.

SiteRight provides peace of mind when engaging with staff, contractors and management. Completing a review not only measures level of compliance, but also provides evidence of due diligence and peace of mind that everything is working as it should.

Site Safe also offers SiteWise prequalification’s, consultancy and training, providing further peace of mind about worker safety on-site.

You can find more about SiteRight’s many enhancements and how to request a review here