Update to Booking Process

18 Dec 2017

We’re making some improvements to our booking process. As well as making it easier to keep track of your trainees, these changes will ensure the trainee is matched with the correct record in our database.

What this means for you:

From 4pm on Monday, December 18, you will need to enter the trainee’s date of birth as well as their name when you book a course online.

To make sure your booking experience is as seamless as possible, please make sure you have all the following information before booking:

  • The trainee’s first and last name – required field
  • The trainee’s date of birth - required field
  • The trainee’s email and phone number (so they can receive text and email reminders about their course) – recommended field

If you don’t have this information, please check your records or ask the trainee before booking.

Why do I need to provide the trainee’s date of birth?

We train more than 80,000 people each year. As the number of people in our industry continues to grow, so does the number of people that we train. As our database grows, it’s important we continue to collect accurate information. This means as an employer, when you receive information from us, like Site Safety Card (Passport) numbers, you can always be confident the details are correct.

Providing a trainee’s date of birth allows us to:

  • Distinguish between trainees with similar names so we don’t create duplicate records - this means when you add a trainee online it will match the right learning record to the right trainee.
  • Ensure we meet our responsibilities as an NZQA recognised tertiary provider to hold accurate information. Please note trainees are already asked to provide their date of birth on the enrolment form/NZQA form they complete during their course.
  • Verify we are talking to the right person when trainees call us for their Site Safety Card (Passport) number.

How do we use this information?

Privacy is important to us. As per our privacy information, we comply with the Privacy Act 1993 which relates to the collection, storage, usage and disclosure of information.

We only use trainees’ dates of birth:

  • If required by Government departments such as, but not limited to, Police, Department of Justice, Inland Revenue, ACC, Ministry of Education, NZQA, Careers New Zealand, Tertiary Education Commission, Studylink, and industry training, licensing and registration bodies.
  • To comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  • For administrative purposes.

Do I have to provide the trainee’s date of birth?

You are not legally required to provide the trainee’s date of birth. However, we recommend you provide it, as it will make accessing your trainees’ information faster and more accurate when you contact us.

What if I don’t want to provide their date of birth, or I do not collect it?

In situations where a trainee does not wish to provide their date of birth, or you do not collect it as an employer, please contact us and we will work with you to find a solution.