WorkSafe Prosecution Corner

18 Mar 2019

What happened

A worker sustained traumatic brain injury and fractures to his skull and right arm when he fell 3.4 metres through an open void while working on a residential construction site in March 2017.

The construction company was found guilty and fined $100,000.   The decision in the Auckland district court also saw reparation of $30,000 paid for emotional harm - already paid by the defendant - assessed by the Court as an appropriate figure and there was $12,853 awarded for consequential loss.

 Key takeaway

WorkSafe says the lessons learned from the accident were:

  • To adequately assess the risk such a void posed to workers;
  • To ensure that such voids are blocked off or to install a swing-gate;
  • Develop, implement and communicate to workers and monitor the effectiveness of an adequate system to identify, assess and manage risk, including the risks associated with working at height.


For more information on working safely at heights go here.