Site Access

CHASNZ, Site Safe and the industry; working together to achieve consistent site access standards and safer workplaces for everyone. 

Why is Industry Guidance for Site Access neccesary?

CHASNZ and Site Safe New Zealand are working hard to better connect the New Zealand construction industry on matters of health and safety. Through this work, it is clear that there is frustration around the variations in requirements for people to gain access to sites and other construction work areas. These are broken down into four key areas:

Foundation Health & Safety Training

  • Uncertainty about what training is required to gain entry to construction sites
  • Different training requirements present, causing repetition and duplication of effort
  • Variation in what foundational health and safety training covers eg. no universal standard.

Foundation Knowledge Assessment

  • Difficultly knowing whether training is effective
  • Confusion around the difference between training and competency assessment
  • Some site access requirements are linked to meeting competency standards, rather than training requirements

Site Specific Inductions

  • Site inductions vary and can sometimes be a repeat of learnings through foundational
    health and safety training
  • Some site inductions don’t identify critical health and safety risks and controls
  • Difficult for those who manage sites to maintain assurance that people are trained and are competent

Supervision Considerations

  • People who are not yet competent are often working unsupervised in high risk environments
  • Difficult for employers to understand what the appropriate levels of supervision are
  • Lack of access to development, coaching and further training opportunities

How are we helping industry with these challenges?

We have developed two draft guides for consultation with industry.

What's next?

CHASNZ and Site Safe are keen to receive feedback on these drafts in order to issue the guidance documents early in 2020. We would appreciate if you could read the documents below - Survey feedback is now closed. Results will be released soon.