Health and Safety Kit

Site Safe's Health and Safety Kit is a flexible, easy to use system for small to medium sized businesses in the construction (and other) industries. It's everything you need to know for a safer business. 


  • Completely up to date with New Zealand’s new legislation, the Health and health and safety kit Safety at Work Act 2015, so that you can meet your requirements as a PCBU. 
  • Comes with our own DIY Help Guide to help you implement the system in your business. 
  • Re-useable – you only need to purchase this kit once; we’ve included enough copies of documents to last a typical small business for a whole year.
  • Comes with a USB of all the templates in an editable format so you can customise it to suit and print out any extra copies that you might need - including an editable version of our popular Site Specific Safety Plan. For an overview of what’s on the USB click here.
  • Free delivery is included anywhere in New Zealand; your kit will arrive in a durable, weather-proof wallet ready for use in the office, in the car or out on site.

What's inside the kit? 

the policy   The Health and Safety Policy - how we do things around here
A Policy document that includes a statement, code of conduct and relevant operational policies. You'll also receive an electronic version that you can customise to suit your business.  
the guide

The Help Guide - for safer workplaces 
A DIY guide developed by our own expert health and safety professionals to help you implement the system within your own business. 

the ringbinder

The Paperwork Ringbinder - compliance made easy
A ringbinder with 10 essential health and safety documents for you to complete. The Ringbinder contains enough copies to last the typical small business for an entire year. 

the forms

Toolbox Talk and Site Inspection Pads 
Two notepads, with enough sheets to last you for a year. These pre-printed notepads make life easier - just fill in and add to your ringbinder.

the usb The Extras (USB) 
A USB with all of the documents supplied as editable versions that can be customised to suit your business. We'll also include extra health and safety documentation that you may need, depending on your business. For an overview of what’s on the USB click here.

Need a little help? Purchase our Kit with additional consultancy

Our Health and Safety Kit can be purchased below as a standalone system. If you'd prefer to have one of our expert health and safety advisors on hand to guide you through it, then you can purchase the kit with added consultancy time.*  

What is covered under that consultancy time can be flexible and will depend on you and your business needs, we suggest: 

  • 1 Hour consultancy option - use this time to gain an overview of the system from one of our health and safety advisors, and to be guided through an action plan of how to introduce and start using the kit. 
  • 4 Hour consultancy option - break up your time into four, or two separate sessions so that you can really dive into your business needs. Work with an advisor on implementing the kit, measurement, key milestones and then use your next session to cover off progress and any areas that you need more guidance on. 

*Consultancy hours are delivered by our nationwide team of health and safety advisors. Consultancy can be delivered in person, over the phone, or over skype, subject to location availability) 

Health and Safety Kit Essentials (kit only)

$185 for Members

$275 for Non-Members


Health and Safety Kit Plus (1 hr option)

$310 for Members

$420 for Non-Members


Health and Safety Kit Super (4 hr option)

$690 for Members

$855 for Non-Members