Safety Audits

The Site Safe Audit Tool better enables companies to monitor and manage their onsite performance.

Our Site Safe Audit tool is ideal for larger projects. For smaller projects, our advisory team can provide relevant health and safety reviews and advice. 

Audit Tool Benefits

  • Captures your site performance in real time
  • Provides quality information through site safety audit reports
  • Audit reports contain statistical data and commentary on improvement opportunities and positive actions identified
  • Provides industry comparative benchmarking statistics in an easy to read format. Comparison is based on industry audit results taken from the last 12 months, against your company's audit report.

More on Benchmarking

A key feature of the Site Safe auditing service is the ability to be a part of the benchmarking database. Benchmarking is a well acclaimed process in both New Zealand and internationally for initiating and sustaining continuous improvement.

By using Site Safe's auditing service you'll be able to benchmark performance of:

  • Individual site comparison
  • Overall company basis
  • Project value
  • Stage of completion
  • Regional activity
  • Construction activity

Benchmarking results allows us to identify underlying issues so we can develop effective solutions.


Please refer to our price list.

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