Safety Audits

Site Safe’s detailed safety audits enable companies to monitor and manage their on-site performance with the help of our expert safety advisors.

Site Safe provides quality, independent, and unbiased audit services that can be tailored to your health and safety needs.  

We also offer a suite of audit options that are ideal for medium to large commercial or civil construction projects. For small projects our team of experts can provide flexible health and safety audits, reviews and advice.

Peace of mind with Site Safe

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Why Site Safe is for your workplace

  • Our safety audits are competitively priced and capture your site performance in real time
  • We provide quality information through site safety audit reports that enable  clients to positively engage with staff/contractors
  • Our audits provide a gap analysis of your business to show where you are now and where you can get to
  • Our audit reports provide you with the knowledge and tools to build on the great work you have already done
  • It shows how you compare to the rest of your sector based on our unique benchmarking database which compares your statistics with other industry audit results from the last 12 months.

More on Benchmarking

A feature of Site Safe’s auditing service is it allows you to be a part of our benchmarking database. The benchmarking process is completely confidential and also highlights those areas where good performance and results are being achieved or places where improvement can be made.

By using Site Safe's auditing service you'll be able to benchmark performance of:

  • Individual site comparisons
  • Industry average comparisons
  • Overall company basis.

Commercial/Civil audit

Both the commercial and civil audits provide an overview of your site with a strong focus on worker behaviours such as:

  • Health and safety documentation
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Emergency procedures
  • Site set up and equipment use.

Our audits are not just about paperwork compliance, they are about advising you on good practice and getting back to you.

How long will an audit take?

Audit times vary depending on the size of your site. Contact us for more information and to book your Safety Audit.

Safety Audit Fees

Please refer to our price list.

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