Safety Audits

Auditing enables companies to monitor and manage their onsite performance.

Site Safe offers a suite of audit options that are ideal for medium to large commercial or civil construction projects. For smaller projects, our advisory team can provide tailored health and safety audits, reviews and advice. 

Commercial/Civil audit

Both the commercial and civil audits provide a general overview of the performance of a site, with a strong focus on worker behaviours, such as:

  • Health and safety documentation
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Emergency procedures
  • Site set up and equipment use

Critical Risk audit

This audit examines the high-risk activities on site in depth. Site Safe deems a critical risk to be “something that could cause death or long-term impairment, affecting quality of life”. This audit looks for evidence that the PCBU/s have policies, rules, processes or plans in place and communicated these effectively around critical risks or infrastructure. The audit will be tailored to suit the activities conducted on site. This might include:

  • Working at height
  • Mobile plant
  • Hazardous products and substances
  • Asbestos
  • Confined spaces

Where a customer has chosen the Commercial or Civil audit Site Safe recommends customers complete the Critical Risk audit also to ensure they get a full and accurate overview of site performance.

Benefits of an audit

  • Captures your site performance in real time
  • Provides quality information through site safety audit reports
  • Audit reports contain statistical data and commentary on improvement opportunities and positive actions identified
  • Provides industry comparative benchmarking statistics in an easy to read format. Comparison is based on industry audit results taken from the last 12 months.

 How long will an audit take?

On an average site, an audit should take approximately 3 hours.

More on Benchmarking

 A key feature of the Site Safe auditing service is the ability to be a part of the benchmarking database. The benchmarking process is completely confidential and is renowned in New Zealand for sparking and sustaining continuous improvement. The benchmarking process also highlights those areas where good performance and results are being achieved.

 By using Site Safe's auditing service you'll be able to benchmark performance of:

  • Individual site comparisons
  • Industry average comparisons
  • Overall company basis

 Benchmarking allows you to identify underlying issues so you can develop effective solutions.

Please note: You will receive a benchmark score for a critical risk audit, however early audits will have a less accurate representation of industry scores as it will take a number of audits to be completed in order to build up an accurate database.


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