Site Reviews (Audits)

Site Safe reviews (audits) are designed to provide your business assurance that the right health and safety practices are in place. We also offer SiteWise prequalifications, consultancy and training as part of our suite of assurance services providing peace of mind for your site, workplace safety and worker knowledge and skills.

Review (audit) services 

Site Safe is now offering Pandemic Readiness Reviews. If you're a business working on a construction site, you must conduct your business in alignment to the COVID-19 Construction Protocols. This review looks at your readiness to operate under the COVID-19 Construction Protocols and gives you assurance the right plan is in place to ensure your workers remain safe and healthy.

Other review (audit) services

In addition to Pandemic Readiness Reviews, Construction Health and Safety Performance Reviews and Critical Risk Management Reviews, we also offer the following industry reviews: 

  • Construction Health and Safety Performance Review. Looks at the behaviours and performance of people on-site. 
  • Critical Risk Management Review. Looks at your underlying systems and processes, particularly those related to high-risk activities. 
  • Residential Health & Safety Performance Review. Looks at health and safety processes in the residential home building and light construction industry. Typical users would be small operators or franchises.
  • Civil Health & Safety Performance Review. Looks at health and safety processes in the infrastructure and horizontal construction industries. Typical users would be small – large operators in the roading, earth moving or services reticulation field.
  • Facilities Health & Safety Management Review. Looks at health and safety processes in the property, services and facility management industry. Typical users would oversee or provide maintenance and repair, minor construction, inspection, cleaning, hygiene and catering services such as, Housing Corporation, Department of Corrections, New Zealand Defence Force.
  • Retail Health & Safety Review. Looks at health and safety processes in a retail environment such as a larger shop or retail centre.

Why Site Safe review services are the best fit for you

  • Our review process has a greater focus on high-risk issues
  • We provide a more rigorous report that is in line with today’s maturing industry demands 
  • You are provided with a broader range of data, with greater accuracy, which customers can access through your own unique dashboard
  • Access to your own dashboard to extract tailored reporting along with a report provided on completion by Site Safe. You can also view past and current review data and further training requirements with Site Safe
  • Our reviews provide a cost effective ‘snapshot in time’ to see how you are performing
  • Identify areas of weakness saving you money and time in the long run
  • Completing a review shows compliance and evidence of due diligence
  • Get peace of mind that everything is working as it should
  • Can be adapted and tailored for other industries in New Zealand

What makes us different

By combining both Construction Health and Safety Performance and Critical Risk Management Reviews, our customers receive a ‘snapshot in time’ of their entire process, from systems to performance. We also pride ourselves in providing solutions that enable you to engage with your staff and contractors, as well as provide feedback to management and directors. 

  • The new Site Safe review platform (ecoPortal) now includes updated and more relevant questions.
  • At the end of the review, our ecoPortal platform health and safety software provides you with more accurate benchmarking which may be compared across the sector and wider industry. 
  • Our review database provides the capability for you to be part of our benchmarking and raise the quality of industry site reviews. Our benchmarking highlights areas where good performance and results are being achieved   across individual site comparisons, industry average comparisons and overall company
  • Post audit, we can work with you to support you to continually improve
  • We build long-term relationships and provide ongoing support
  • As a not-for-profit, we offer an independent and unbiased reviews
  • Our reviews are competitively priced with no hidden costs
  • We can use the content of the review tool to tailor a review based on the activity occurring on-site 

Other assurance services

In addition to review services, we pride ourselves in being able to offer a one-stop-shop of assurance services to meet the needs of your workplace, staff and contractors.

SiteWise Prequalification of contractors

SiteWise is an online prequalification system developed and powered by Site Safe that grades a contractor's health and safety capability.

Contractors complete a 12-step questionnaire, which is assessed by qualified health and safety practitioners. This assessment results in a percentage score, which is published in the SiteWise Contractor Database and which can be accessed by main contractors or principal organisations who have signed up to use SiteWise.

Consultancy services for your business

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced Health & Safety Advisors who are dedicated to accident reduction and raising health and safety awareness in your workplace. Whether it’s a one-off or ongoing support, our specialist consultants can provide advice on workplace safety, including the design and implementation of health and safety management systems, and guidance on setting up a successful Site-Specific Safety Plan.

Training of staff

We have a full range of both classroom and online training available from foundational and technical, through to leadership type courses.

Our foundation courses are designed for learners starting in the industry or those wanting to extend their foundation health and safety knowledge. They cover entry level foundation health and safety topics including keeping safe, controlling risk, basic site hazards and legal requirements.

Our technical courses have been designed for learners already in the industry. They cover practical technical knowledge and skills topics including electrical, first aid, harness, fall arrest systems, site specific safety planning, and Health & Safety Representatives.   

Our leadership courses are designed for learners responsible for on-site leadership, supervision, or those managing a team. They cover theoretical and practical topics including supervising workers, leading safety on-site, and accident investigation.

Review cost?

Advisor and consultancy service rates


Consultancy hourly rate: $130
Safety advisor hourly rate: $130
Review disbursement fee: $130


Consultancy hourly rate: $160
Safety advisor hourly rate: $160
Review disbursement fee: $160




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