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Suicide in New Zealand’s Construction Industry Workforce: Factors Identified in Coronial Reports (2019)

The study analysed 300 coroners’ files of suicide in construction, between 2007 to 2017. It identifies who is most at risk and provides insight into the factors that can lead to suicide in the industry, to inform the development and implementation of suicide prevention initiatives.

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 Site Safe: Review of Training (Ihi Research, 2015)

A study conducted by Ihi Research, in consultation with industry leaders, that reviewed Site Safe’s suite of training products and services. It presented industry views and recommendations on how Site Safe could make its training programme fit for purpose.

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 Assessing the impact of Site Safe (NZIER, 2008)

An independent economic impact assessment study that examined and measured Site Safe’s impact on injury rates in the industries it operates. It concluded that Site Safe have had a positive impact on injury rates in the non-residential building construction industry.