Prepare your site for disaster with an Emergency Response Plan

29 Sep 2022

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Last week, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck the centre of the country with more than 44,000 people reporting they felt the shake.  

Fortunately, the tremor didn’t cause any significant destruction, but it is a timely reminder to those working on-site that they need to have a Site Emergency Response Plan.  

With the potential for natural disasters to strike at any time, it’s important organisations are prepared for anything, whether it’s an earthquake, fire or tsunami.  

The first step to being prepared is a good emergency response plan. Site Safe's health and safety advisors can help you with emergency planning, or you can download a free emergency response plan template inside our Site-Specific Safety Plan packs 

We’ve also collated some quick tips to help you with your planning. Check out our website for advice for dealing with disasters such as earthquakes, fires, tsunamis and hazardous substance spills.    

For some other helpful disaster-specific safety and preparation tips check out The Civil Defence website.