Terms and Conditions

Before booking a seat on one of our training courses or becoming a Site Safe Member, please take the time to read through our terms and conditions.

Training Terms and Conditions

Terms of Sale

By making a booking on a Site Safe Training Course you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Course Seats are sold on an individual basis. Course Seats are valid only at the Site Safe Training Course selected at the time of booking. Course Seats may not be resold without the prior written agreement from Site Safe.

Payment Terms

Payment is required when booking a course unless a credit application has been completed and approved.  Payment of the invoice is required within seven days of the date of the invoice.

All pricing is stated and billed in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

Changes, Transfers and Cancellations

  • Changes and cancellations to bookings are permitted up to five working days prior to the scheduled start time of the Site Safe Training Course. These changes can be made online by the company administrator. 
  • Changes to bookings made within five working days allow for course seats to be transferred to another person only. These changes can be made online by the company administrator.
  • Cancellations made within five working days of the scheduled start time of the Site Safe Training Course are not refundable.

Courses with an online component: 

  • If the course includes online modules (such as the Passport Plus - Flexi course) then the following applies: Cancellations and trainee name changes cannot be made once progress has started on the online modules. A cancellation will result in the loss of any online progress/result and you will need to rebook and pay for the entire course again (this includes both the online and in-class components). Date changes for the in-class session are permitted up to 5 working days prior to the scheduled start time of the course. This can be changed online by the company’s administrator. If the online modules have not been started, the trainee may be changed anytime prior to the start of the in-class session. 
  • Failure to attend the in-class session will result in forfeiture of all payment made or complimentary seats used when making the booking.  Any online progress that has been made will also be lost. You will need to rebook and repay for the entire course again (including both the online and in-class components).
  • Once the online modules have been selected they cannot be changed. You will be prompted to confirm your choice before starting the first module.
  • Trainees have 2 months from the date of purchase to complete the online modules. Failure to complete within this time will result in forfeiture of all payment and the loss of any online progress. Applications for extensions can be made by contacting customer services, who may grant extensions of up to seven days in exceptional circumstances. In cases where the in-class session is booked for more than two months after the purchase, then an extra seven days from the date of the in-class session will be granted. 

No Shows

Failure to attend the Site Safe Training Course will result in forfeiture of all payment made or complimentary seat used when making the booking.  You will need to rebook and repay.


  • Site Safe recognises that workplace demands change at short notice. Therefore our cancellation refund policy is as flexible as possible while ensuring minimal financial loss to Site Safe.
  • Requests for refunds may be made by completing the online Refund Request Form, and emailing it to accountspayable@sitesafe.org.nz. If you have queries about the refund process, contact us at comments@sitesafe.org.nz. Full or part refunds will only be processed when requested by the original purchaser on the account.
  • Refunds are usually processed within 5-10 working days.
  • Should Site Safe no longer be able to provide the course due to ceasing to be a Private Training Establishment or Signatory to the Code (Signatory to the Education Code of Practice 2016 – International Students) then Site Safe will contact each purchaser to arrange the refund.

Credit Balances

If you have a credit balance on your account then this will be automatically deducted from the cost of your booking. 

Trainee Code of Conduct

Site Safe requires all trainees attending a course to be respectful of the rights of others, to be punctual and be prepared to attend the complete course without interruption.

Right of Admittance

Site Safe reserves the right to refuse admittance of any person to any Site Safe Training Course at the sole discretion of the Site Safe staff. Reasons trainees may be refused admittance to or ejected from any Site Safe training course are not limited to but include:

  • arriving more than 15 minutes after the start of the course
  • are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • are disruptive or intimidating
  • are not participating in class or asleep
  • wearing gang patches or gang Paraphernalia
  • bringing animals to course (unless for the blind or hearing impaired)
  • using a cell phone during the course
  • are noticeably ill.*

If a trainee has been refused admittance or ejected from the course, Site Safe will provide a written reason to the purchaser explaining the circumstance why this person was refused admittance. All payments will be forfeited.

*In this instance the trainee may rebook the same course free of charge once they have recovered from their illness.

Individual Trainee Requirements

In order to cater to specific training needs, Site Safe requires notification prior to a course if  any trainee attending training courses have any individual requirements such as

  • English language difficulties,
  • wheel chair (or other access requirements)
  • hearing loss
  • learning difficulties or behavioural issues
  • Sight Impaired
  • Medical Conditions
  • special requirements due to Religious Beliefs
  • special dietary requirements,

Or any other circumstances that may impact on the trainee ability to participate fully in the course this information is required at the time of booking.

Variations and Notification

  • Site Safe reserves the right to change the date, start time, location or trainer of any Site Safe Training Course without prior notice, however…
  • Site Safe will make reasonable efforts to inform the purchasers where any change has been made to the advertised details of a Site Safe Training Course.
  • If a course is altered within 24 hours of that course being held, Site Safe will endeavour to re-book each trainee to another time or location to suit the purchaser and/or trainee.


Complaints can be made to comments@sitesafe.org.nz

Foreign Language Courses - Additional Fee

Interpreter courses attract an additional fee per trainee (over and above the cost of training) to cover the cost of the professional interpreter service provided. This fee is incorporated into the cost of the seat when booking via the online booking system.

Non-interpreter courses

Trainees with language difficulties can join a course and bring along their own interpreter, at their own cost.

Site Safe require to be informed at the time of the booking that an interpreter with be joining a trainee on a course.

Only 1 interpreter to 2 trainees is permitted in any one course and the interpreter is not allowed to be a trainee on the course at the same time as interpreting.

Away Courses

For courses delivered at the purchasers venue an additional fee per trainee will be charged and an invoice will be sent to you or your company for payment.

Site Safe reserves the right to charge a fee for changes, cancellations, credit card transactions, away course fees and other payment processing at a future date

Student Rates

The Foundation Passport - Building Construction and the Foundation Passport - Civil courses are available at a student rate. Student rates are only applicable to customers who are enrolled in a High School, Polytechnic or University. Contact us with a valid student ID at the time of booking to receive the student rate.

Membership Terms and Conditions

Site Safe NZ Membership is Non-refundable, Non-transferable

Site Safe NZ reserves the right to deny services to any (m)ember who in Site Safe’s opinion is or has been abusive, threatening or violent toward any Site Safe staff, or anyone on Site Safe’s premises, or who attempts, has attempted to or has received service by deception.

Cancellation of Membership

Rule 8.3.4 of the Site Safe Incorporated Rules, enables the  governing board of Site Safe to cancel a membership if in their opinion, that member brings discredit to Site Safe , brings itself or Site Safe into disrepute, or disrupts the activities of Site Safe so as to make continued membership undesirable or untenable

Cancellation by a member is required in writing from the member.  The reason for cancellation is recorded to enable Site Safe to continually review and improve its services to members.

If a member is reinstated after their membership was cancelled, they will be reinstated as a Year 1 member.

Code of Conduct

Members are required to adhere to the Site Safes Memberships Code of Conduct.

Membership Fees

Member fees are charged annually in May and cover the period 1 June to 31 May. Site Safe reserves the right to amend these fees to ensure continued and suitable services of high quality to its members.

Invoicing Structure

New members are invoiced as follows:

  1. From 1 June to the last day of February:
    Members are invoiced on a pro-rata basis, and are Year 1 members until the annual renewal date of 1 June.
  2. From 1 March to 31 May:

New members are invoiced from the date of sign up through to the next years renewal date of 1 June and will remain Year 1 members until the next years renewal date of 1 June.

Existing members are invoiced for their annual membership at the beginning of the membership year for the 1 June – 31 May.

Loyalty Structure

Members receive discounts on the basis of their continued commitment to Site Safe membership and increase each year up to a maximum of 5 years.

Site Safe New Zealand Inc operates nationwide across New Zealand with a head office located 23-25 Jarden Mile, Wellington.