Passport Plus - Tools and Plant

Tools and Plant course builds on the knowledge introduced in the entry-level Passport courses. 

During this four-hour course, learners will understand how to work safely on-site and how to promote a strong health and safety awareness and improve culture on-site. In addition, identify hazards and safe use tools and mobile plant safety. 

Learners get to discuss and identify some of the key risks associated with tools and plant as well as appropriate controls to keep themselves and others safe. Learners will develop an understanding of their health and safety responsibilities.

Passport Plus – Tools and Plant is one of four courses under Passport Plus with shared common goals. These goals for learners include:

  • how keeping themselves and others safe is a major part of their role as a worker and/or employer.
  • how their actions and inactions affect their lives and those around them.

Target audience

This course is suitable for workers, contractors and managers who need to be aware of risks of working with tools and plant. It’s also suitable for those who have completed a Site Safe Foundation Passport course.

Please note that there are no Unit Standards attached to the Passport Plus – Tools and Plant course

Learning outcomes

Part one (behavioural safety)

  • Identify the reasons to be safe
  • Recognise how role models influence the actions of other workers
  • Make health and safety positive through your conversations
  • Understand how health and safety culture and mindset is shaped by role models and conversations
  • Take action to improve your health and safety

Part Two (tools and plant safety)

  • Review the hierarchy of control and risk assessment process
  • Identify the hazards and controls involved when:
    • using various tools and equipment
    • working around mobile plant and machinery.
  • Identify safe practices when guiding or spotting for mobile plant
  • Identify the importance of housekeeping

How you will be assessed

You will need to complete a Review of Understanding at the end of the course.


What the course covers

Passport Plus – Tools and Plant is divided into two parts, each part running for two hours.

Part One - learners will work in groups to assess sample scenarios about behavioural safety topics. Learners will be able to identify things that are working well and find solutions to roadblocks and having a strong health and safety culture at work.

Part Two - learners will learn about safe practices when working with tools and working around plants. This part covers the safe use of some common tools in the construction industry.  It also covers information to help learners identify blind spots when mobile plant is being used onsite. The last topic is about how good and consistent housekeeping practices regarding the use of tools and plant help keep workers safe.

In Part One (Behavioural safety) learners will learn:

  • The reasons to being safe.
  • How role models influence the actions of other workers.
  • How to make health and safety conversation positive.
  • How health and safety culture and the mindset is shaped by role models and conversations.
  • What actions to take to improve worker health and safety.

In Part Two (Tools and Plant-specific content) learners will learn:

  • The risk assessment process and hierarchy of controls (review from the Foundation Passport course).
  • How to identify hazards and controls involved when:

    • Using various tools and equipment.
    • Working around mobile plant and machinery.
  • How to identify safe practices when guiding or spotting for mobile plant
  • How to identify the importance of housekeeping. 

Language requirements

To complete this course successfully, learners must be able to read and understand conversational English. If you are not comfortable with English comprehension, we recommend attending a classroom course at a Site Safe training centre. Please contact us if you need assistance in choosing the right course for you. 

What you'll get at the end of the course

  • Site Safety Card (Passport) valid for two years.
  • Four Licensed Building Practitioner points.
  • Three credits towards the Site Safe Health and Safety in Construction programme(only one Passport level course may be counted towards the certificate).

The Site Safe Passport Handbook and Learner Wallet card will be made available in the classroom to pick-up. 

Next learning steps

Completing the Site Safe Passport Plus – Tools and Plant course means you'll gain site access for the next two years.

When it's time to renew your site access, you don't need to complete the same course again - expand your health and safety knowledge with a different course that's relevant to you. We offer a range of one and two-day courses which will renew your Site Safety Card/Passport.

Have a look at the pathway examples for more training options after successfully completing this course.

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With over 60,000 New Zealand construction workers attending a Site Safe Passport course each year, most major New Zealand contractors require a Site Safety Card for entry to their sites, and as a prerequisite in their tender process.

As well as offering Passport courses, Site Safe also offers a range of one and two-day courses which automatically renew Site Safety Cards.

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