Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSSP)

The Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) has undergone a significant upgrade to meet the new legislation

The SSSP is an agreement between businesses working on a specific site that determines how health and safety will be managed. When used correctly, it ensures that relevant site information is regularly updated and safety is monitored, and will help all businesses involved comply with New Zealand's Health and Safety at Work Act (2015).

Whilst the SSSP is made up of a number of forms, the most important document is the agreement itself, and it's this part that must be completed first. Read more about the SSSP Agreement here. 

Plain safe: straight talking guide to the SSSPGuide cover


If you're just getting started with using SSSP's then we recommend reading Plain Safe, our help guide. This free guide provides simple advice on the processes you need to follow to establish and maintain a safe construction site. It sets out the full range of documents that combine to form the SSSP and ensure you comply with health and safety requirements.


The Site-Specific Safety Plan - free download  

SSSP Cover The SSSP includes the agreement (completed first) followed by a range of templates including an emergency response plan, training and competency register, toolbox talks template and more.  

If you prefer then you can purchase hard copies of the SSSP template forms here. 

Individual templates 

After only one of the SSSP forms? You can download the individual SSSP files below.

Template    Download    Download                Download     
Agreement (complete first)    INTERACTIVE PDF        
Site Job/Hazard & Risk Register   INTERACTIVE PDF   PRINT PDF   WORD DOC
Task Analysis (TA) & Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)   INTERACTIVE PDF   PRINT PDF   WORD DOC
Hazardous Products & Substances Inventory   INTERACTIVE PDF        
Onsite Training and Competency Register   INTERACTIVE PDF   PRINT PDF   WORD DOC
Emergency Response Plan   INTERACTIVE PDF   PRINT PDF   WORD DOC
Site Briefing/Toolbox Meeting Minutes   INTERACTIVE PDF   PRINT PDF   WORD DOC
Site Inspection Checklist   INTERACTIVE PDF     PRINT PDF   WORD DOC
Site Incident and Injury Register   INTERACTIVE PDF   PRINT PDF   WORD DOC


If you have any feedback or suggestions on the Site-Specific Safety Plan then please email 

Need help with your sssp?

Site Safe runs a training course on how to use a SSSP, it's called Site-Specific Safety Planning. We also have a team of nationwide advisors who can help 

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Hybrid register and inventory form to help you manage hazardous substances.

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Contractor Evaluation

To show evidence of monitoring and evaluating contractors.

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