Job Registration form

Our new Job Registration form has been created to support Main Contractors (PCBU1) and Subcontractors (PCBU2) in health and safety planning and management.

The Job Registration form sets out the expectations that a Main Contractor (PCBU1) has of a Subcontractor (PCBU) working on a project, prior to the start of works. 

They are used to indicate which Site-Specific Safety information is required by a Main Contractor (PCBU1) including:

  • site arrangement - logistics and communications
  • mandatory Information required – including which Site Safe SSSP Pack is preferred
  • any other forms required 

Job Registration forms also provide space for Main Contractor’s (PCBU1’s) to provide information about any hazardous conditions, processes, equipment, materials and substances that may be used by others on site. 

Job Registration forms do not replace SSSP Forms! They are available to help focus the conversation between PCBU 1s and PCBU2s, around what SSSP (and related documentation) is required before work on a project can begin.