Renewing Your Training and Site Access

If your training or site access needs renewing rather than book a course you’ve already done, why not learn something new?

Upon the completion of any Site Safe course you'll be sent a new Site Safety (Passport) card which will renew your training and site access for two years. 

Time to renew? 

If you've already completed a Foundation Passport course then instead of repeating the same course you can opt to do one of our Passport Plus courses - 

The Passport Plus course is the same time and money investment as our basic passport and your trainees will get to learn new material in an area of interest. 

Work towards our certificate - Plan Your Learning Pathway

From your very first course with Site Safe you are enrolled into the Certificate in Construction Safety. This means any Site Safe course you take you closer towards graduating.

We've provided some recommendations to help you plan your way towards graduation. Remember, any of these courses will automatically renew your site access too.

Check out our Training CPD Matrix to see Site Safe courses and credits at a glance.


Have you already completed a Site Safe Passport?

Your next course could be:


Have you already completed a Site Safe Advanced Passport?

Your next course could be:




Options are flexible, so you can make it count for you.



Note for Electrical Workers: please be aware that for Electrical Passport holders undertaking a higher level training course, this will renew your site access but will not renew your Electrical Practicing License. The Foundation Passport - Electrical Workers course may still be the best option for you.