Kowhai (Yellow) Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSSP)

Welcome to the Kowhai (Yellow) Plain Safe: a straight-talking guide to the Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSSP).

We’ve produced this guide for the Kōwhai (Yellow) SSSP pack, to help make site specific health and safety requirements easier for you to meet.

In your pack are all of the forms you’ll need to show due diligence and help meet your compliance requirements. The forms can be filled in electronically and emailed directly to interested parties or can be printed, filled in manually and either scanned and emailed, or provided in hard copy if required.

Plain Safe - A straight-talking guide to completing the Kowhai (Yellow) Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSSP)

This guide to the Kowhai (Yellow) SSSP pack explains the specific forms that are included in your pack and provides simple, useful advice on the processes you need to follow to establish and maintain a safe construction site.

Download the Plain Safe Guide here.


Kowhai (Yellow) Site- Specific Safety Plan (SSSP)

All the SSSP forms included in your pack are designed to support you in showing evidence of due diligence and health and safety compliance.

Download the form pack here and instructions on how to edit SSSP PDF files here.

Download individual Yellow pack forms:

Forms  Download Download
Agreement (comprehensive) PDF Word
Site/Job Hazard and Risk Register PDF Word
Hazardous Products and Substances Inventory/Register PDF Word
Training and Qualification Register PDF Word

You may be asked to provide:

Forms Download Download
Site Inspection Checklist PDF Word
Toolbox Talk Minutes PDF Word
Site Emergency Response Plan                                         PDF Word
Incident and Injury Register PDF Word

 Available if required:

Forms Download Download
Incident Investigation and Report                                      PDF Word
Task Analysis PDF Word